About Us

What We Do?

  • We are born and living for "Making Money More Productive"
  • We believe we have the power to create more wealth for our people
  • We believe our people deserve better life, can achieve more and enjoy more in their life with the money they have
  • We believe we could change the lives of people with our solutions and services
  • We are passionate about creating, learning and teaching new ideas of "Making money more productive"

How We Do?

  • Help our clients to make smarter choices through efficient and economic investment options / alternatives delivering more value per rupee
  • Better investment options, higher yield and more conveniences to our clients
  • Generate gainful, entrepreneurial employment

What's our Core?

Who Are We?

The Captain:

A jack of all generally but master of one at a time.

Multi-tasker generally but concentrates deeply at times.

Passionate to Addventureprise® but synergizes all the energy in one venture at a time.

Introvert by nature, extrovert by practice.

Organized, Meticulous, Hardworking, Tenacious

Fair, Honest, Confidant

Proactive, Responsive, Responsible, Consistent

Likes to be called Knowledgeable, Hungry to learn, Loves to Educate

Loving father, Charming husband, Caring son, Friendly brother, Helping friend

Past Professional Roles: Tool & Die Maker, Mechanical Design Engineer, Project Manager

Past Hobbies: Poetry, Short Story Writing, Movies

Present Professional Roles: Financial Advisor, Ad-hoc Project Manager

Present Hobbies: Reading,Writing, Speaking about Personal Finance

Obsessed in applying all those learning and experiences of ex-profession and ex-hobbies in one thing he is doing at Hornmerchant® now!

The Team:

We are a small, agile and efficient team.

Uma M Purvimath (Likes to be called "Kavita")

Kavita is Operations Executive. She is mainly responsible for all back end operations.

She is diligent and a work-life balance champion.

Niranjan D G

Niranjan is Executive Assistant. He is mainly responsible for Sales Support functions.

He is Automobile Enthusiast; a Royal Enfield Fan and Product Expert.

Associates & Partners:

We are associated / tied-up with few Individuals, professionals and platforms to provide holistic financial services to our clients, with regards to personal finance. While we are specialists in helping the clients to goal based investing, there are other facets to personal finance (like Insurance, Taxation, Legal) which need different & specialized expertise. So, our associations with the said professionals and experts help the clients to get easy and reliable interface to the said specialists.

Disclosures about Relationship with Associates / Partners:

  • Ms. Sangeeta Kodashettar: Our exclusive associate Mutual Fund Distributor. (Disclosure: She is wife of Girish Kodashettar, Prorprietor of M/s Hornmerchant). She is empanelled with various MF Companies (AMC's), BSE Star MF, NSE NMF and Funds India (Wealth India Financial Services) to offer her services. M/s Datacomp Technologies is her vendor of Technology Platforms / Applications, for the use of her clients.
  • Mr. Lingaraj S Kodashettar & Ms. Vijayalxmi L Kodashettar: Our preferred associate Insurance Agents. (Disclosure: They are parents of Mr. Girish Kodashettar, Proprietor of M/s Hornmerchant. They are empanelled with Insurance Companies and M/s Bajaj Capital and M/s SBI Capital for offering their services.)
  • M/s Anand Rathi Group: Hornmerchant is franchisee of M/s Anand Rathi Share & Stock Brokers to offer mainly Equity Shares / Equity Portfolios and other products offered by Anand Rathi Group. (There are no personal family relationships between promoters / directors of Anand Rathi Group and Hornmerchant)
  • Other Associates: Other associate professionals' (Investment Advisers, Estate Planners, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers / Law firms etc) are independent professionals. They are not named here because there isn't any one or few associates, whose services are used exclusively. Service of such professional will used based on suitability & convenience (location, kind of & level of service needed etc) of the client . (Conflicts of interest and personal relationship discloses will be made, if any, from case to case basis).

Disclosures about Brokerages, Commissions and Fees:

  • All the details about remunerations are made available to all the clients within their login. Info can be seen here (access restricted / requestible to the customers only) also.