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Last modified / updated 27-Jul-2018

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This site is owned by Hornmerchant, [Proprietor: Girish Kodashettar (Girish)]

Hornmerchant acts as platform, through which services of different financial, accounting and legal professionals / intermediaries are offered through tie-ups and partnerships. This site contains links to our partners’ websites and 'Online Transaction Platforms'.

Please read and understand the terms and conditions carefully. Further, please read and understand Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of our partners whose services you avail through this website. If have any queries, doubts please contact us.

By using our website and services you are agreeing to these terms and conditions together with Privacy Polices and also to the Terms of the Service / online platform provided by our Partners / Associates / Principals.

Sometimes additional terms may apply for some specific services and those terms become part of your agreement with us if you use those services.

    1. User should pay the necessary fees and services charges for the services used by him / her, as and when they are due.
    2. Fees / charges may be revised from time to time without any prior notice
    3. These words Solutions, Product, Services etc used are used in generic (symbolic) sense and 'Products' are essentially 'financial' and 'non-physical' (intangible) services like Insurance and Mutual Funds. Solutions are nothing but combination of these financial products / services.
    4. The recommendations, client testimonials, expert advices have to be taken, used, referred to by the users on their own judgement and risk. We are not responsible if such recommendations, advices do not result in the returns or benefits projected / illustrated, depicted / expected.
    5. There is no guarantee of returns on the invested amount, unless expressly mentioned so in the product.
    6. We take utmost care of our clients and very keen on servicing them. However, if any transaction is not completed or if delayed due to technical or other reasons of the platform provider or other stakeholder (Bank, RTA, AMC, exchange, platform etc) involved in the entire transaction system, our responsibility is limited to assisting you in completing the transaction and issue resolution and the user assumes the loss and expenses arising, if any, due to delayed or failed transaction.
    7. We reserve the right to discontinue any of the services offered on this website. In such case we ensure users subscribing to such discontinued service will get alternate arrangements.
    8. At our sole discretion we may change / amend, add, delete and update these terms and conditions at any time without notice to users. Continued usage of the services after such changes in terms and conditions will be deemed to be users acceptance of the changed Terms & Conditions
    9. All disputes subject to courts in Bangalore and are governed by laws in India
    10. Unauthorized copying, reproducing or exploitation in any manner of the content of this site is prohibited.
    11. Software and Hardware underlying the website as well as internet related software which are required to access the services provide on this website are legal property of respective providers.
    12. You are aware and agree that in whatever manner we are NOT presenting / promoting ourselves to be Insurance Company, Mutual Fund / Asset Management Company, Bank, Financier or any other NBFC. We largely play the role of intermediaries to such companies.
    13. You have noted and agreed that we are not representing ourselves to be RIA (Registered Investment Adviser), Insurance Brokers, Corporate Agents for Insurance or National Distributors of Mutual Funds. We are only associates, sub-brokers of such players.
    14. Insurance is the subject matter of Solicitation
    15. Mutual Fund investments subject to market risks; please read all scheme related documents carefully.
    16. All tools & calculators on this website are for basic reference only; user is responsible for the interpretation and decisions made on the basis of them and consequences of such decisions.
    17. You have authorized us and our partners to contact you on the details you have provided to us on this website, e-mail or verbally.
    18. The help files, material, literature provided on this website and its associate websites / blogs or those which are sent to user by mail are for preliminary reference and provided as a matter of courtesy. We don't claim them to be most updated or accurate and hence don't take any liability of unsuccessful transaction resulting from following the instructions in the help material.
    19. User agrees to use this website and all other platforms in the standard, legitimate and prescribed manners. User must limit himself / herself to the level of accesses the user is authorized for. User will not in any way attempts to 'tamper' with the system. User is not authorized see or use / access anyone else's account and information. If user comes across any unauthorized access / information given/sent to him / her erroneously, then the user should immediately notify us and should abstain from using such access / information. Doing so will be illegal and such user will be liable for the direct and consequent losses arising out of such illegitimate usage of access / information.

Privacy Policy

Last modified / updated 27-Jul-2018
    1. We respect and protect your privacy.
    2. We ensure that the information we collect from you will be used to serve you.
    3. We use it for record keeping, creating / updating your account profile, understanding your needs and requirements, your preferences and provide you with better services and updates about matters that you may be interested in.
    4. We or our partners / associates will contact you on the contact details provided by as per your preferences and those details will not be shared with anyone else.
    5. All your information will be secured and unauthorized access or disclosure will be prevented.
    6. Our site may contain the links to other websites on which we don't have control. User needs to satisfy himself / herself about privacy security and policy of such website.
    7. It is your responsibility also to ensure good care while your transmitting your personal information to us or while using your account, to avoid any third party getting access to those details.