Secure Future: Insurance Planning

In life, we have to deal with many risks - at personal level and at work (Business / Profession).

Depending on the nature / type of the risk there are different ways of avoiding, mitigating, transferring and accepting the risks and losses arising out of that risky event.

Certainly, we can not keep all the risks without doing anything about them; neither we can use the same strategy / method for all of them.

Insurance is a Risk Transfer Strategy. The risk is transferred to someone else who can better handle / absorb it - the insurance companies. Of course it comes for a price...well very tiny one.

There are few Insurance covers, that are mandated by law. Like third party motor insurance cover or some industrial insurance covers.

There are lot more like Life Insurance, Health Insurance etc which are not mandated but very critically needed by everyone. Recognizing the dire need for the insurance requirements is the first step. Many people fail to recognize the risks they face and need for insurance against those risks. That's where we help. First recognizing the risks and then quantifying the potential value at risk. Then looking for appropriate Insurance cover and then getting it. That's what is Insurance Planning is all about in short. Insurance is a Plan-B (Alternate / Back-up Plan); means, if your normal plan (Plan-A) to achieve a goal doesn't go as plan because of some risk, then your alternate stand-by plan will take care of it. Though Insurance is a Plan-B, it is a first step to do before you start chalking out your Plan-A.

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Retire Rich: Retirement Planning

Unlike most other financial goals, Retirement has two parts / phases - Accumulation and Distribution. Most of the cases, both the phases are of very long period. Retirement is mostly a longest and biggest of all the goals one may have, irrespective in which phase you are there currently.

In the accumulation phase you are looking for building a sizable corpus to take care of your expenses for rest of your life after retirement.

The distribution phases is also spread over decades and hence you need to ensure you wont run out of money. So, proper planning is very important in both the phases.

Unfortunately, people don't realize the need for retirement planning until they come very near to the retirement age. That's a serious problem because retirement corpus required being huge, it can't be accumulated in short period of time. And it is near impossible task to plan for comfortable latter phase (distribution) of retirement without proper planning of the first phase. A person starting earlier in investing for retirement will amass far bigger corpus by investing far lesser amount than a person starting late with bigger amounts of money. Always in investing, time (duration of investment) is more important than amount of investment.

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Invest Smart: Investment Planning

Investment Planning is not just choosing a scheme to invest in. Selecting the scheme one of the (in fact, the last) steps involved in Investment planning. While Insurance Planning is Plan-B, Investment planning is part of Plan-A (Main / Normal Plan of achieving you financial goals).

The ideal way to go about investing is to link / earmark them to a specific financial goal. The moment goal comes before an investment, we will know the purpose / objective of the investment (wealth preservation or growth), Investment Horizon (tenure / longevity of the investment), Cash Flow Requirements (Liquidity Options) and Quantum of Investment Required. These are the main points that decide the appropriate investment instrument to be chosen. Then is understanding risk comfort level. Based on these things, the type of investment will be selected. Once the type of investment is chosen the last step is choosing a specific scheme or instrument to invest in from the options available.

We help you follow this simple sounding but meticulousness & expertise seeking task.

It doesn't get over there. Your investment portfolio needs to be monitored and re-balanced / re-organised periodically.

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Estate Planning

"Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual's asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death. The planning includes the bequest of assets to heirs and the settlement of estate taxes..."- Investopedia

Read more: Estate Planning

As important for you is organizing your finances for smooth goals achievement and happy retirement, so important is ensuring the passing the wealth to the next generation.

You want that the assets and wealth you leave behind after your life be enjoyed by your loved ones and / or as you wish.

No or improper estate planning may result in making your assets & wealth inaccessible to the people you wished to give and / or they will have to face lot of legal hurdles and hassles to get the rights on your estate.

For this reason, well in advance, when you are healthy you should make will or create trusts.

Depending on your preferences, type and quantum of assets you wish to pass on, the solutions will be different to suit the requirement.

Estate Planning (drawing up a will, forming trusts etc) is a financially and legally critical and specialized task, that you must involve your financial advisor and lawyer while drawing up your estate plan, though it is not mandatory.

There is a perception that will is prepared by only rich people who have lots of wealth to leave behind. That's misplaced belief. Any and every person must make will, as there will be definitely some tangible asset they will leave behind. Another wrong belief and practice is about time of preparing the will. People think they shall prepare will during their old age (some time before death). But life is uncertain and nobody knows how long we live. So, it is ideal to prepare a will right now!

Our Estate Planning services are very economical and rest assure it won't be a reason that will stop or delay your decision about preparing a will.

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Save Tax: Tax Planning & ITR Assistance

Various Financial Products provide different types of Tax benefits.

Many a times due to lack of information many people do not make use of tax saving options to the full extent.

Most of people think about ‘Saving Income Tax’ by investing specified investments. Many are not aware about ‘Tax Efficient’ Investment options available. Apart from saving tax by investing in specified products, you can also earn better (higher) ‘Tax-free’ or ‘less taxed’ returns.

Our Experts help you with personalized tax saving ways and methods.

Finding it difficult to File your Income Tax Return (ITR) or need some expert advice from a Chartered Accountant? Just Call Us!

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KYC Service

KYC (Know Your Client) compliance is mandatory now in any kind of investments. Without KYC compliance you will not be able to transact in many of the Financial Services.

Now, KYC in India is centralized and standardized (uniform) across financial services industry; it is called CKYC.

CKYC refers to Central KYC (Know Your Customer), an initiative of the Government of India. The aim of this initiative is to have a structure in place which allows investors to complete their KYC only once before interacting with various entities across the financial sector. CKYC will be managed by CERSAI (Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India), which is authorized by Government of India to function as the Central KYC Registry (CKYCR). The objective of CKYCR is to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents and getting those verified every time when the investor deals with a financial entity for the first time. Thus, CKYCR will act as centralized repository of KYC records of investors in the financial sector with uniform KYC norms and inter-usability of the KYC records across the sector.

CKYC can be done through few authorized entities. We are one such.

Query & Answer: Consultancy

Finance & Investment world is dynamic and complex.

Investment Products keep on evolving / changing, Regulations & laws change / get updated, Market conditions for various asset classes keep on changing, Your personal circumstances also keep on changing. In such scenario you may have many questions ranging from features of some investment plan, to some tax implication to accounting or about best way of dealing with / handling a financial situation that you may be presented with.

You may have various questions & doubts about some financial matter.

Some basic inquiry can be done online, but however, you may be you are not getting the exact answer to the query you have or you are not sure about the authenticity of the information found online or elsewhere.

Many a situations will be needing reliable and expert opinion and answers to your doubts.

We help you get answers and solutions to those questions and situations.

Either you are our existing customer or new, quick and basic answers to the queries will always be free for you.

On the queries that seek our significant amounts of time or attention will be available to you at very affordable fees.

Training & Coaching

Aspire to invest directly on your own like a pro?

(Or simply you may want to learn things deeper for academic interest or just to make you more informed and better guided investor)

That's great! we are here to train you and equip you will all the knowledge and skills you require.

Rather than taking punts being novice / amateur (which may cost you dearly), you better get to know what it takes to make good investment decisions.

Based on your requirement, current knowledge level, we give you personalized (made for you) training, coaching and mentoring. We will get you practical exposure. So, indulge in self paced personal one-to-one training & coaching first before you indulge in self-managing your hard earned money.

To begin with, we recommend follow our blog, meant for DIY Investors.