Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is nothing but a pool of money created by a group of like-minded individual investors; this pool of money will be utilized to invest in various assets / asset classes (Shares, Debentures, Govt. Securities, Fixed Deposits, Gold etc) as agreed by the entire group of investors in the beginning. A team of professional fund managers take care of this investing process and generating profits for the group of investors.

Individually, each investor may be able to own shares in a few companies, a few bonds or have money in a bank account; and a with limited financial market knowledge individual investor will not be able exploit the opportunities in the market and avoid risks. Participating in a mutual fund (joining the group of like minded investors), on the other hand, allows the investor to diversify his / her money across large amounts of stocks of vast no. of companies, bonds of lot of companies or have money in more productive investments than in bank account; and because funds are managed by experts, there is very high possibility of exploiting the opportunities and avoiding risk of loss.

Thus mutual funds offer advantages such as: Professional Management, Diversification, Convenient Administration, Return Potential, Low Costs (Economy of Scale), Liquidity, Transparency, Flexibility, Choice of schemes, Tax benefits.

We help you choose from wide range & verity of Mutual Fund Schemes suitable for achieving your Short, Medium and Long Term Goals. Depending on your knowledge, comfort and needs you may also choose to invest using different tools we provide.

Equity Shares

Equity is the best asset class in long term, that offers great returns and liquidity. However, short term volatility is high here. For early and small investors, Equity Mutual Funds are the better options than investing in equity shares directly, which are professionally managed, well diversified and relatively safer than direct equity shares.

Experience and evolved investors can consider investing some portion of their savings in to direct equity. Investing in equity share directly allows you to have complete control on your portfolio and freedom to have more focused (concentrated) and aggressive or more diversified portfolio, depending on your personal risk appetite.

You may choose one of our investment methods to invest in Equities.


PMS (Portfolio Management Service) is a next level of Equity Investing. It is suitable for more informed and experienced Equity Investors, who have higher risk appetite and longer investment horizon. The minimum regulatory investment limit is Rs. 25 Lakhs. So, it is a HNI (High Networth Individual) product.

We help you choose the right PMS while balancing the right Risk-Return combination.


Fixed Deposits are most popular and preferred investment products of Indians. Fixed deposits ensure the fixed rate of return assured in the beginning of the scheme itself. They provide peace of mind against volatility.

NCD's (Non Convertible Debentures) are close cousins of FD's practically. They offer higher rate of interest (coupon) than Fixed Deposits. Many reputed companies / NBFC's issue NCD's periodically.

There are range of fixed deposits & NCD's, rated high to low on the basis of their quality and risk. Quality in very simple words, implies the trust worthiness of the issuer and risk means the ‘default’ possibility; i.e. not paying the interest or principal on dates due. Several Independent organizations rate these fixed deposits / NCD's.

Higher the risk and lower the quality, higher will be the interest rate. Usually corporate fixed deposits offer better returns than the Govt. bonds and Bank FD's. NCD's offer furthermore higher returns than Corporate FD's.

It is good to look at Corporate FD’s & NCD's, of reputed companies, rated optimally to make most of the fixed interest investments.

We help you invest in wide range of FD’s with very attractive interest rates.


National Pension System (NPS) is administered and regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) created by an Act of Parliament.

Learn more about it from horse's mouth here.

We assist you to open NPS account, choose right asset allocation to start with and then re-balance as and when required.

Life Insurance

You are earning to give a good life to your beloved family.

But what if unfortunately you are not around or not able to earn due to disability?

  • Can your family have the same living and life style?
  • Can your children will get quality education you planned to give them?
  • Can your family can have access to good health care?
  • Can your family enjoy the same socio-economic life and status?

Life Insurance is the answer for all the questions and is the best & only

way to secure your and your family’s future against the uncertainties.

You need be insured for SUFFICIENT Sum Assured to ensure that even in your absence your family will not be deprived of anything that you are giving them now or planned to give them.

So, know the economic worth of your life (HLV) and get insured for that amount!

We offer Insurance products from almost all major Insurance Companies in India. So, for us top priority is giving you the most suitable product and not a particular company’s product.

Motor Insurance

We deal in motor insurance (Car, two-wheeler, Commercial Vehicles) of all major Insurance Companies. Hence we can offer you the most economical and best suitable product for you!

Health Insurance

You are earning to give a good life to your beloved family.

You earn more than enough to sustain your daily life style. But in few unfortunate circumstances beyond your control or influence, yourself or one of your family members may needed to be hospitalized. Many a times it may be for some sickness that needs hospitalization for better treatment and early recovery of the patient. Such instances, no matter how much you earn, will definitely tighten your financial situation and you may have to borrow a short term loan.

A medical (health) insurance helps you avoid such a situation and gives you complete peace of mind. It ensures you that you put your family’s health at the top priority without worrying even a little about expenses.

Next thing is to have sufficient cover for your family. But how to find it out?

Deciding about right type and amount of health cover and choosing the right policy among the numerous available in the market is a daunting task. We help you make the optimum and economic choice to start with. More importantly we stand by your side in case of any unfortunate claim and help you smooth claim experience.

Home Insurance

Home is the biggest investment of one's life time in most people's case. So, it is imperative to insure your biggest asset. Good news is that a comprehensive Householder's policy or Fire & Special Perils Policy or Burglary Insurance cost you very little than mostly you thought. When your far lesser value assets like car, two-wheeler, smartphone etc are insured, definitely your high value asset- home- deserves to be insured.

Business Insurance Solutions

If you are in business, your business is exposed to lot of risks of loss - to he business itself or the assets, which in turn impact you business and cause losses or loss of profit. Below are some of the various insurance solutions we deal with.

  • Group Life Insurance
  • Keyman Life Insurance
  • Group Health & Personal Accident Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Marine (Transport & Logistics) Cargo Insurance
  • Burglary Insurance
  • Liability Insurance (Directors & Officers, Professionals Indemnity, Workmen's Compensation, Public Liability etc)
  • Industrial Insurance

Discuss with to learn how you can safeguard against various risks your business is exposed to. You'll be surprised to know how economically you can get cover against severe potential losses you are exposed to.